Nairobi women are now using Rexona soap and Strepsils to please their men in bed


Last year, Kenyans online made Strepsils a trending topic after many ladies came out to confess how they have been using it in bed to please their men.

There was a shortage of the soar-throat drug as Kenyans bought it in bulks from chemists and shops.

Apparently, Nairobians have now found another trick that goes hand in hand with the drug: Rexona soap.

According to tried and tested ways some ladies are now giving advice on how to use Rexona soap on their male partners in the bedroom.

Never mind that the soaps sole purpose is in the bathroom, women have discovered a new way of spicing matters in the bedroom using the soap.

Apparently the soap is the remedy to the one-minute man.

The discovery was made by a certain woman that was fed up with her mans skills but how she came up with using Rexona in the bedroom is still in question.


The post, just like the one on Strepsils last year, got hundreds of shares as women gave it a green light with others claiming they are willing to try.

Whether these tricks work or not, the question most Nairobi men should be asking is whether they are really that bad in bed to always depend on them to function.