‘Mystery witness’ that shocked Kenyans speaks, shares more confusing information


A man who caused an uproar on the internet for appearing mysteriously at the sites of two tragic accidents came out on Tuesday, November 7 to clear the air.

Dennis Muigai Ngengi, the mystery man reported to have witnessed the chilling accident that killed Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru and the October 21st Lake Nakuru Chopper Crash, came out to deny that he was a witness in the Nakuru crash.

The man had created a mystery around him after he appeared at the shores of Lake Nakuru following a helicopter crash in which all its five occupants perished.

At the time he identified himself as Dennis Ngengi Mungai and that he was a ‘State pilot’.

In his latest encounter, the self-proclaimed businessman was heading back to Nairobi from Nyeri when he witnessed the governor’s car crash.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen Digital Mr. Muigai, who introduced himself as a businessman who imports and sells goods locally, says he witnessed the governor’s car accident but not the chopper crash that killed five people despite there being footage that seems to suggest otherwise.

He was wearing the same dark shades he had in Nakuru.

“I was not the witness in the Lake Nakuru Chopper crash,” Mr. Muigai said, despite the witness introducing himself as Dennis Muigai Ngengi and wearing same sunglasses and walking in crutches.

Watch him below: