My American-Italian Girlfriend Introduced Me To Drugs And Ruined My Life



A Kenyan man Francis Chilumo in an interview narrated how he ended up struggling with drug addiction after he got into a relationship with an American- Italian woman.

According to Chilumo, he never thought he would fall victim to drug abuse because he hated drugs but his life took a different turn when he met the lady in his line of work.

The coast-based man explained how he met the woman revealing that he was at the beach for a swim and bumped into the lady who expressed interest in him.

Chilumo who works as a driver, security person, artist, and a beach boy also went into details of his first encounter seeing his lover use drugs

“One day she complained that she was in so much pain and she demanded heroin. I knew where people buy the drugs but I had never been there before. Since I was in love with her, I decided to link her up with the drug dealer” he explained

Although I never used the drugs on that day, weeks later she convinced me to indulge and without knowing the side effects.

The artist also blamed his ex-lover for not warning him about the dangers. After 4 days of using, Chilumo says he started feeling unwell and that is when the lady told him that he was addicted.

Things escalated to the worst after the lady left for New York and Chilumo being from a humble background realized that he could not afford to buy the drugs.

“She left me with a dose of 2 grams but she left me in trouble because from my earnings I could not afford that. She made my life difficult” he narrated

Chilumo believes that many people get into drugs as a result of influence from bad company and also not being aware of its dangers.

Currently, the artist is over a year sober and shared his experience to create awareness.