MPs to present their documents first before being sworn in


Members of Parliament elect are expected to be sworn in on Tuesday, August 28, twenty days after Kenyans headed to the polls and elected their 12th Parliament leaders.

According to a decision made on the 11th parliament, MPs need first to produce several documents first before officially taking over the office.

According to Daily Nation on Monday, August 28, the new crop of leaders will be expected to present their curriculum vitae, their national identification cards and a certificate from the returning officer that declared them the winner.

“This move is aimed at ensuring transparency and accountability to the public Their bio data will also be captured on orientation day and uploaded onto the Parliament website so that no one will have issues about not knowing who their representative is,” said National Assembly Clerk Michael Sialai. 

The MPs had earlier this year agreed to suspend the requirement until after the August 8 general election when all members would be required to have a degree.

Following the amendment of the election law, should any by-election occur either in the Senate or the National Assembly, then all aspirants would be required to have a degree from a recognised university.

In addition, the lawmakers are required to take along their national IDs and a certificate from the returning officer that declared them winner.

Last Friday, the Nasa MPs-elect threatened to boycott the first parliamentary sitting, arguing that Mr Kenyatta is not the legally elected president and that he should wait until the case pending in the Supreme Court is determined.

The new MPs will go through orientation on Tuesday (August 29) ahead of swearing-in on Thursday.