Moses Kuria attacked by Kenyans for allegedly attending interview while drunk


Controversial Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria is on the lips of many Kenyans once again after appearing on national television seemingly drunk.

Kuria who was hosted among other panelists on Citizen TV by Hussein Mohammed supported the controversial 16 per cent VAT levy that has led to the increase of fuel prices in the country. Kuria had earlier on expressed his support for Treasury’s decision to impose the tax regime.

“I am supporting 16% VAT on fuel. I am not ashamed of it. I am not pretentious,” Kuria said. 

While defending his move, Kuria insisted that the fuel levy is not a bad thing since basic consumables are not taxed.

“There is no VAT on maize flour and wheat flour. The basic commodities are zero-rated. What would we say if there was VAT on Unga? Even If the VAT is implemented on fuel, the basic consumption products are zero-rated,” said Kuria during the interview.

The incoherent remarks by the legislator raised eyebrows with some viewers taking to social media suggesting the MP was not sober as at some point he was suggesting that people should reclaim the tax they pay.

“Anyone who pays tax on transportation simply because of fuel is entitled to claim it back when making their annual or monthly tax returns,” Kuria said. 

Fellow panelist during on show and former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale in a rather clear pointer that Kuria might have been drunk said “I wish we had put an alcohol blow at the door before we came in.”

The sentiment did not augur well with Moses Kuria who reiterated by attacking Khalwale.

“Let me tell you something, before you were conducting abortions, I was still in politics,” said Kuria.