Moi day reinstated as public holiday but don’t be too happy yet


It’s now official that October 10 is a public holiday. Following a ruling by the High Court in November 2017, every 10th of October from now henceforth will be set aside to celebrate Moi day which had been scrapped off with the inauguration of the new constitution in the year 2010.

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Kenyans in the recent past have been wondering whether the government will honor the court ruling and declare Wednesday a public a holiday.

In a statement from the Interior Minster Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has confirmed that the government will go as per the Judicial Review No. 292 of 2017.

“In Judicial Review No. 292 of 2017 (Republic versus Cabinet Secretary for Internal Security Ex Parte G.O Nyauchi and 4 others), the court affirmed that October 10th remain a public holiday to be observed as such,” said Dr. Matiang’i.

What was however of concern to many Kenyans is the fact that government did not pronounce itself on how the celebrations of the day will be handled.

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“The framers of our Constitution wisely stated in Article 9 (3) that we shall celebrate our National heroes in one day, namely Mashujaa Day, which is set for October 20 each year. By that decision they renamed Kenyatta Day Mashujaa Day and invited the country to recognise our other heroes, alongside the Founding Father of our nation, on that day,” the CS added.

The CS defended the current constitution saying it deemed it fit for the nation not have many public holidays but rather engage its citizenry in spending more time to build the nation’s economy and that’s why Moi Day was included in the Mashujaa Day celebrations.

“It is worth mentioning the fact that as an emerging economy we need to optimally utilise our time working and building the Nation, and this might have advised the reduction of public holidays through the amendments,” noted the CS.

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The CS further stated that his ministry is the process of making recommendations to the National Assembly for a comprehensive review of the Public Holidays Act. Cap 110.