Miracle! Lady from Murang’a Burned As A Child Gets Life-Changing Surgery For Free In The U.S


A Kenyan lady is currently in America for surgery that could change her life after being disfigured in a childhood accident.

Maureen Kimani was more than just lucky after a search for an option by her older sister on Facebook led them to Chapel Hill plastic surgeon, Dr. Charlie Finn.

Kimani does not clearly remember what happened to her when she was just 3-years-old. The 20-year-old who is from Kandara, Muranga however, remembers that she received burns on her face after a stove ignited the couch where she was sitting.

“I don’t remember if I felt pain or what, I was just so small,” Maureen said. “I really don’t remember. God has opened a door and I know Dr. Finn is going to be great.

She had undergone six other surgeries but all were not helpful.

Maureen, who’d all but given up on any more surgeries, received a life-changing operation completely free of charge after connecting with Finn.

“I have been so blessed with being born in this country,” Dr. Finn said.

“The education I’ve received, building this practice for which I am very blessed to give back is fabulous for everyone.”

Watch her on the video below:





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