Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Says Its Time Kenyans Who Die Abroad Be Buried There


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday issued a statement saying that Kenyans who will die abroad should be buried there.  This move was prompted by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak that has resulted in the closure of borders by many countries.

Speaking to the press earlier, Foreign Affairs PS Macharia Kamau explained that it will not be possible to bring the bodies of Kenyans from abroad into the country as a result of the current situation.

 He, however, assured Kenyans that the government will make sure that those who die there are kept in the best conditions.

PS Kamau gave these remarks in line to the death of a Kenyan who was living in Los Angeles revealing that she had an underlying illness although the cause of death is yet to be established.

“We are not able to bring them home under the circumstances that prevail right now, but we shall make sure that they are kept in the best conditions…” he stated


As part of his statement, Ps Kamau also requested Kenyans to allow the government to bury those who die abroad within 24 hours.

“Just like in Kenya where we have said that a COVID-19 victim is buried within 24 hours, maybe the time had come for us to allow our dead relatives (abroad) to be buried where they have died” he said

According to his report, 5 Kenyans have died in the US in the last one month. He, however, clarified that the deaths might not be as a result of COVID-19 but of issues linked to the pandemic.

The PS also addressed reports of Kenyans being discriminated against in China stating that the recent assurance by the Chinese government indicates that such actions are not something they will continue to tolerate.

In a tweet on their official account, the ministry also assured Kenyans that together with the host counties they will continue doing all they can to address concerns of Kenyans in the diaspora.