Mike Mulwa Had Been Robbed At Gun Point A Day Before He Was Shot Dead And Warned Not To Call Cops, Says Close Friend


On Saturday night, Mike Mulwa was going about his business at a store he owned in Birmingham, Alabama when he was accosted by robbers. According to police report, there was a holdup that ended with Mike being shot. He died in the wee hours of Sunday Morning.

It is now emerging that the robbery that would put a stop at Mike’s promising life was not the first that he had to deal with. According to his close friend and business partner Kelly Ochieng, Mike called him on Saturday morning and told him he had been robbed at gun point the previous night (Friday), and that the robbers warned him not to call or inform cops.

“bro maze jana nilikutwa at gun point, hawa ma fala walichukua doo na fegi kadha na waka nishow niki ita karao wata rudi but hii ni biashara lazima ni make report”

On a Facebook post on his timeline that also captures what would be Mike’s recorded interactions with his friend(s), Kelly further notes that Mike was growing weary of the never ending robberies that he had to endure, and was looking to relocate his business if the owners of the building did not address the situation:

“maze nime ibiwa (3 or 5) times this year alone but nime show ma owner wa hii property wasipoweka bullet proof hapa nita uza hii bishara na ni toke hapa”

According to Alabama News, the shooting followed a holdup at the store where Mike Worked.  He was taken to UAB Hospital where he underwent surgery. He died about 4:30 a.m. at the hospital.

Sgt. Shelton further said it appears robbery was the motive, and also noting: “Investigators are sure an altercation took place inside the location, and at some point the victim was shot.”

This is Birmingham’s 44th homicide this year, and the 63rd in all of Jefferson County. Of the 44 Birmingham homicides, at least four have been ruled justifiable and therefore aren’t deemed criminal by the department.

In a strange twist, Mike was a witness to a shooting at the same gas station in December of last year. At that time, he spoke to WVTM 13 about his friend being shot in the back just two weeks after arriving to the U.S. from Kenya in search of a better life.

A GoFundMe Account has been set up to help with burial preparations. Click HERE

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