Miguna Miguna strikes back, from Canada. He has started peeling Raila Odinga’s mask


“Dear Jakom,

“I risked my own life, my family’s security and careers to swear you in on January 30, 2018.

“As a result, my house was destroyed with detonators and vandalized.

“I was abducted at gunpoint, detained incommunicado and tortured for five days.

“It was only on the fifth day – February 5th – that you attended court at Milimani and spoke out against my incommunicado detention.

“Why had you not spoken out earlier?

“After the Jubilee despots forced me into exile on February 6, 2018, you have not publicly condemned them.

“You have not publicly supported me.

“On February 6 and 7, 2018, the Jubilee despots murdered 3 young men at Ahero town in Kisumu county. What was their crime? Protesting against my incommunicado detention and forced exile.

“The People’s President whom I had sworn in less than two weeks before then never uttered a word. You seemed to believe that those lives didn’t matter.

“Despite promising to repair the damage in my house, you have not done so.

“A few days after I arrived in Toronto, you told me that you would publicly launch a “Bring Miguna Back” campaign. You have not done so.

“What prevented you from fighting for my rights like I had fought and sacrificed myself for yours?

“You also promised to have my advocates paid their fees and disbursements. However, when Dr. Khaminwa met you last week – before your handshake with Uhuru Kenyatta – you not only refused to pay him and the other advocates, you asked him to abandon my cases.

“This isn’t just about me. It’s also about the 18 young men who were shot dead as they shielded you from police bullets on November 17, 2017. It’s about Baby Pendo, Baby Moraa, Master Mutinda, Chris Msando, Odhiambo Mbai, Okong’o Arara and more than 1,000 people who have been murdered as they defended you both personally and in pursuit of justice for all Kenyans.

“Have you spared even one minute to remember them and the cause for which they died; the reasons for which they sacrificed their lives for you?

“It was you who rejected the results of the presidential election of August 8, 2017.

“It was you who called on your supporters to protest against the egregious electoral fraud that had been perpetrated by Jubilee.

“It was you who called for protests against the IEBC and in pursuit of electoral justice.

“It was because of you that more than 380 innocent civilians- mostly Luos – were butchered like chicken after the August 8th election.

“Yet, barely one and a half months after your swearing in, you are trying to persuade us that more than 1,000 innocent lives we have lost trying to obtain electoral justice for you and the country, don’t matter.

“You have just miraculously discovered that Uhuru Kenyatta is your brother and he is more valuable than all of us who stood by you!

“You didn’t even bother to consult or inform us that you were meeting Uhuru behind our backs as we risked our lives swearing you in on January 30th.

“And in your handshake with Uhuru you were accompanied by your daughter, Winnie, and your personal lawyer, Paul Mwangi.

“You didn’t even bother to go with an official of the ODM or NASA.

“Clearly you believe that your personal interests supersede that of the country and Kenyans.

“Your handshake with Uhuru wasn’t about peace or national reconciliation as the two of you claimed. If it was, you would have consulted widely and informed key people in your organizations.

“At the very minimum, you would have advised those who risked their lives for you on January 30th.

“Jakom, you have finally demonstrated to the people of Kenya that you don’t care about them. You have abandoned them for the despots when the latter were weaker than they have been for five years and when our side was stronger.

“Apparently, you and Uhuru are more scared of me and the NRMKe. You both fear structural changes that we are fighting for. You both prefer to preside over an unjust, unequal and brutal state.

“You have joined the despots!

“Thank you for finally exposing yourself to the people.”

Miguna Miguna