Miguna Miguna to return to Kenyan in a month


Canadian based lawyer and self-declared National Resistance Movement (NRM) General Miguna Miguna is set to jet back to the country after he was forcefully deported back to Canada.

Miguna Miguna found himself in hot soup after he was involved in the mock swearing in of Raila Odinga as the people’s president. On his twitter account, Miguna Miguna said that he was detained and tortured before being deported but said that won’t stop him from coming back to Kenya.

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“For the cowards with low self-esteem celebrating the fact that @Ukenyatta and @RailaOdinga destroyed my valid Kenyan passport and my house, abducted, detained and tortured me before forcefully removing me, mark this in PERMANENT INK; I am coming back after September 4th .VIVA!” posted Miguna. 

The former Nairobi Gubernatorial candidate has been on loggerheads with the government over his nationality in which the Kenyan government said that Miguna’s Kenyan nationality was relinquished in 1987 after he sought asylum in Canada and the Kenyan Constitution then did not provide for dual citizenship.

Miguna however maintains that he is a valid Kenyan citizen accusing the government of double standards as it is the same government that cleared him to run for the top seat in Nairobi County.

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The court has on several occasions been granted court orders facilitating his return to the country including the provision of a valid passport after the one he had was confiscated, but the government has however not obeyed the court orders.

On his first attempt to return to the country after deportation, Miguna was detained at the Jomo Kenyatta Internatioanl Airport (JKIA) before being put in a Dubai bound plane. While in Dubai, Miguna claimed that he was drugged and put on the plane unconscious.

“I woke up in Dubai and the despots are here insisting that I must travel on to London. I’m sick. I need medical treatment. A Mr. Njihia is threatening me. I need urgent help here. I want to take a flight only to Nairobi. Nowhere else. I’m sick. My ribs and body is hurting all over. This is a travesty of justice!” he posted.