Meet Mercy Koech a US Navy Hospital Corpsman impressing many in Diaspora with her Kalenjin fashion 


She is the epitome of beauty and brains all packaged in one human being. Mercy Koech, the 29 year old Kenyan American United States of America Navy Hospital Corpsman is the reigning Face of Kenya USA and has a passion in alleviating human suffering of the needy in the society.

Since she relocated to the US to pursue her education in the year 2009 at Norfolk State University, Koech’s love for Kenya continues to grow each and every day serving as an inspiration for her to do more for the people she love back at her home country.

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The US Navy officer who is turning 30 in September did not let her humble background stop her from achieving her dreams. The first born in a family of Seven, Koech started a journey to put a smile on the faces of children from Bethel Children’s Orphanage in Kenya. She raises funds to ensure that the children at the facility have their basic needs met.

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Speaking to African Warrior Magazine earlier in the year, Koech draws her inspiration from her mother whom she describes as her pillar of strength and admiration.

“My mother is my greatest inspiration. She is the epitome of A Rock star African Woman. She empowers community cohesion and giving back to the less fortunate. She taught us that you can achieve anything you want. She emphasized education for my siblings and I,” She said. 

Koech currently stationed at the Navy Special Warfare, San Siego California, she has served the military for 5 years and looks forward to pursuing Dentistry in college through the Military program. This is all in a bid to help her people in Kenya.

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“I also want to partner with my mentors in organizing a Free Dental clinic to provide dental treatment in chosen remote area that has a dire need. Thanks to my mentors Dr. Mckenzie, Dr. Nhi Pham and Dr. Mavin who are all based in Washington State,” said Koech. 

The Psychologist has now been nominated for the DEAR Awards in November. She took to Facebook to ask Kenyans to vote for her saying:

“OMG!! I couldn’t do it without My Kenyan Team: Linda, Brian,Martin and Lenny!! Here is an Award Nomination! Honestly, Someone Belives in ME, in the Work We have done in Giving back to the community! It’s not about how I Look or Dress, it’s about The service of Reaching Out to bring a smile to Many Needy Children in the world! To my Huge Fans and Supporters; here is an Award nomination to bring home September 1st in Dallas Texas!!!”