Meet Helen Meria the Kenyan business lady helping students settled down abroad


It’s always a hard task when relocating to a new country due to a number of reasons ranging from culture shock and way of life. Helen Meria saw an opportunity in that challenge and decided to offer a solution through helping people who planning to relocate to Australia.

The Kenyan-Australian business lady understood the challenge of new persons moving to foreign countries with no relatives or friends there and decided to establish Options Education Agencies in 2009 a firm that started as an agency helping students going to study in Australia but has now diversified also to non-students who want settle down there.

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Speaking to Capital FM, Meria who moved to Aussie, Australia in 2001 started it as a small venture before even establishing Options Education Agency by helping family friends and relatives adopt to the Australian system.

With the growing demand of her services is when she started charging money and changed it into a full time job.

”After some time, I realized this was a growing need. Parents who tried to do it for their children found the application process lengthy and complicated,” said Meria. 
Options Education Agency is currently serving in Australia, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and Philippines in offering education advisory in which the firm has partnered with Australian Educational entities. 

“Options Education Agency carefully selects partner education institutions and as a result, we represent over 50 Australian international Education institutions in all Australia states,” said Meria. 

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She advocates for education for all people citing that it’s an important factor in the development of the whole community. Meria attributes her success to the support received from her family.

“High-quality education and exposure has the potential to transform not just an individual but grow and impact the family and community. No one should be denied this opportunity. 

“It’s not easy being a woman, a mother ,an immigrant, an African Australian and an entrepreneur but the transformed lives and the impact of the students that have passed through options makes it worthwhile,” added Meria