Meet Four Kenyans Who Vied For Positions In The 2020 USA Elections


With approximately 130,000 Kenyans living in the US, many of them are well established and contributing greatly towards the growth of the economy.

Beyond the economical aspect, section of Kenyans have actively participated in politics over the years or attempted to take up leadership roles in different sectors.

It is believed that Kenyans living in the US surpass the estimated number mentioned above and some reports indicate that there could be 300,000 Kenyans in the US. This would simply explain a large number of Kenyan citizens who are now spread out to various sectors.

In the 2020 US elections, at least four Kenyans are known to have vied for elective positions and although none of them emerged winner, it still counts as a great achievement.

Check them out

Henry Momanyi
Henry Momanyi a community organizer and nonprofit executive vied for a seat in the Brooklyn Park City Council but lost to incumbent Susan Pha.

Mr Momanyi wanted to be a representative for the West District as an independent candidate and part of his manifesto advocated for improved housing, public safety and education.

The competition for this position was quite tough considering that Momanyi passed the nomination stage by earning 3 more votes than one of the competitors.

Jane Kitui

Having lived in the US for about 32 years now, Jane Kitui who is based in Minnesota vied for a council seat in the City of Edina.

Some of the aspects she prioritized in her campaigns include affordable housing and to have single housing units included in the city’s development plans.

As captured on her website, some of the issues addressed in her campaign include sustainable growth, racial equity, high-quality education as well as social justice.

Ukasha Dakane

Kenya-born entrepreneur and community organizer Ukasha Dakane who is based in Minessota also contested for a seat in the city council.

Dakane who has been playing a key role to ensure that immigrants like him get employed through his non-profit organization was among seven candidates who had been cleared for the seat.

Despite losing in this election, Dakane is known for other achievements for instance in 2018, he received the Leadership Community Award from the Edina Community Foundation for his project which educates youth on how to become community leaders and peace ambassadors.

Boni Njenga

Policy consultant Boni Njenga who relocated to the US in 2003 declared his interest in a position in the Hennepin County Board of Commissioner, District 5.

Some of the challenges he has addressed in his campaign include Opioid crisis, homelessness, lack of public safety, racial disparities and tax levy increases with no accountability and transparency on spending.

Some of his experiences and achievements since he moved to the US include; graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and later a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Minnesota State University-Mankato among others.

Njenga however lost this seat to Incumbent Hennepin County Commissioner-elect Debbie Goettel.