Media mogul SK Macharia’s son killed in road crash, female passenger survives


Royal Media Services Owner S.K Macharia has lost a son after a tragic road accident along the Southern bypass in Nairobi on Thursday night. John Macharia was coming from a dinner at The Hub in Karen.

Macharia was rushed to Karen Hospital where he passed on. News of his death has left Kenyans shocked as images of the wrecked Silver Porche 911 – Turbo he was driving flooded social media.

Munene Maina, a witness of the crash, said he was driving behind the Porsche when the driver, who was speeding, hit a pole and lost control. Munene and his passengers, Mike and Linda Kamonya stopped to help. They removed Mcharia from the car and a female passenger.

Munene said they did not know who John was at the time of the crash. The lady, who was conscious, asked for a mobile phone so that she could call for help. She called her mother, who sent an Uber that took them to hospital, Munene said.

The female passenger was later identified as Tracy Macharia aged 28 years is in hospital with serious head injuries.

The fatal accident comes less than a year after Macharia crushed into a Toyota Prado while trying to evade police for drunk driving. Police arrested him for drunk driving and was charged before a Nairobi traffic court after failing to follow a traffic officer’s order to blow into a breathalyser.

Macharia has left behind a son, he sired with former Kiss 100 presenter Lisa Anyango Amenya.