Man Charged With Second Degree Murder After His Kenyan Lover Goes Missing In US



Authorities in Washington DC are still looking for a 34- year old Kenyan woman; Olga Ooro who was reported to be missing a week ago. Her mysterious disappearance occurred after she went for dinner with her boyfriend, Darnell Sterling together with her son.

According to BAM FI, (a nonprofit org that creates awareness about missing persons of color-nationally) Ooro was last seen on the evening of July 16 and was spotted leaving her home within a short while after she returned from dinner.

Police reports indicate that the lady was confirmed missing after her immediate neighbors noticed that her 8-year-old son was roaming around their home alone for about two days.

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After unsuccessful attempts to uncover more details concerning the incident, police arrested Sterling who reportedly has a record of domestic violence against the missing lover and was in several instances arrested for this criminal act.

A statement by Chief of Police Peter Newsham confirmed that Sterling is currently in police custody and is set to be charged with second-degree murder considering that he had a history of physically and emotionally abusing her.

As part of his statement, Peter further explained why the police linked the suspect to the incident noting that the fact that the two were last seen together serves as enough reason.

Beyond his criminal record and history of violence against his lover, investigators in this case have revealed that Sterling might have been captured pulling a heavy cart loaded with a huge object wrapped and covered with a blanket; this suspicious act was captured by a CCTV camera at Ooro’s apartment.

Speaking in regard to this incident Ooro’s parents (who migrated to the United States from Kenya in the 1980s.) said that although they felt they were not in a position to know what happened, her disappearance is something out of the ordinary.