Man Living in US Offers To Sponsor 6-Year-Old Tanzanian Mathematics Genius


After several media aired the story of a young Tanzanian boy Charles Mbena; who is a mathematics genius, many were impressed by his exceptional skill and some have since reached out with goodies to him as well as his family.

In a recent move, a US-based Tanzanian man whose attention was also captivated by the 6-year-old has offered financial help to cater for Mbena’s education as well as support his parents by uplifting their living standards.

In the videos that made rounds on social media, the 6-year-old had showcased his prowess and mastery in the subject as he boldly answered mathematical questions.

He also went further to inform that the mathematics concepts are self-taught and he does not shy off from sharing his knowledge with his siblings who are of a higher level of education compared to him.

The boy who hails from Morogoro and schools at Nyingwa Primary School had also highlighted some of the challenges he encounters in the local school saying he hoped to move to a better school.

In what serves as answered prayers, the US-based Tanzanian man Ernest Makulilo stated that he is ready to make the young boy’s dream come true.

“I want him to move to a boarding school in Morogoro where he will not only gain exposure and confidence but also hone his skills in mathematics,” sad Makulilo.

Beyond paying the student’s fees, Makulilo who is the regional project director at Unbound and founder of EBM Scholars also declared that his organization intends to fund a business project for his parents.

“We want to see how the parents will be funded in one way or the other to venture into farming or business so that the living standards of that household improve,” he added.