Man Killed Together With His Family Members Days After He Returned From America



When Nicholas Njoroge, a 55-year-old nurse who works in America returned to Kenya, the possible expectation was to finally reunite with his family. Their joy was however cut short after attackers raided their home in unfortunate events that led to their demise.

Police reports reveal that Njoroge who hails from Kiambu county had only spent 10 days in the country before the incident occurred.

Those who lost their lives in this family tragedy include Njoroge, his wife, and their two children.

According to media reports, the discovery of the victims body came as a shock to neighbors who revealed that they did not hear any screams although they recall that the alarm went off at around 10 pm.

Further detailed reports reveal that Njoroge suffered 34 stab wounds to the chest whereas his wife and two of their children who were stabbed once were found murdered and their bodies dumped in their home in Karura.

Despite the fact that the home of the victims is highly secured, Detectives from the DCI Homicide Unit who are working to unravel the mysterious murder believe that the attackers might have gained access to the compound when a family member was driving or walking into the premises.

Apart from the family members, another victim of the night attack was a construction worker who was battered to death at Njoroge’s staff quarters.

Another construction worker is said to have narrowly escaped when the gunmen raided the home at around 9 pm. Police are yet to establish the motive and bring the culprits to book.