Man from Mwiki, Kasarani dies in US after canoe capsizes


A Kenyan man has died following a canoe accident at Lake Chelan, Chelan County, USA.

Bonventure Alfred Ng’ang’a Gitau, 35, drowned in the lake on Saturday afternoon when an inflatable kayak that he was travelling in with a friend capsized.

Chelan County Sheriff’s Office revealed that Gitau, who lived in Tacoma, Washington, and his friend went into the water in the inflatable canoe north of the dock area at Lake Chelan State Park. Gitau, who hailed from Mwiki in Nairobi’s Kasarani, wasn’t wearing any floating devices at the time of the incident.

“The lakes are very cold and the further you go below the surface the colder it gets. Your body is somewhat going to go into a shock scenario pretty quickly and everybody reacts differently. You’re not going to have your faculties very long in that type of situation,” explained Sgt. Kent Sisson. 

Gitau’s friend, Jackson Njaru survived by swimming to another nearby boat where he was rescued. The deceased’s body was retrieved at around 4 pm from a depth of around 30 feet.

He had to traveled to the US in 2018.

“Gitau arrived in Washington from Kenya in September 2018 in search of greener pastures and was working in construction to upgrade the economic situation of his family back in Kenya and leaves behind a 3-year-old son,” stated his cousin Lawrence Njoroge, who is also in the US.