Malia Obama Causes Heat Wave in Florida With Bikini Body, and Wine!

Via Daily Mail

Malia Obama revealed just how much she dislikes Donald Trump in a secret Facebook account she used during her senior year at high school and the year after she graduated. The account features pictures of post-it note messages such as “DONALD TRUMP IS PRESIDENT,” “THIS IS NOT NORMAL,” “DONALD TRUMP IS EVIL,” and “DON’T BE COMPLACENT.”

Via Daily Mail

Former vice president Joe Biden’s granddaughter Finnegan Biden, Malia’s friend, responded “never saw this” and “I like it” to the post.

The Facebook account, which has not been publicly updated since 2017, uses a pseudonym and has photos of the former first daughter traveling with her friends just before she entered Harvard University.

The 20-year-old is also seen celebrating President’s Day weekend with her girlfriends in Florida.

And she was spotted downing an $80 bottle of ‘Whispering Angel’ Rose wine as she enjoyed the warm weather.

And they enjoyed a boozy poolside sunbathing session together as they all appeared to be having a fun time.