Maina Kageni: I endured racist remarks also while working in the US


Racist sentiments are the worst thing and experience anyone can ever undergo. Classic 105 Breakfast show host Maina Kageni has had to endure racist remarks while he was working in the United States before he came back home.

Speaking during his show, Maina said that this was one of darkest moments while living in the US.

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“You know I have been called a nigger before. It’s the worst feeling ever since he is your boss and you can’t answer back because you still need the job. I stayed because I still needed the job although it was the worst feeling. I don’t know whether he is still there,” Maina said. 

Apparently his co-host and funnyman Mwalimu King’ang’I has had to undergo  the painful though not racist moments  while working in industrial area after being insulted by his then boss forcing him to quit.

“There is a time I was working in Industrial Area when the boss asked me,’unafikiria hapa iko mama yako (do you think your mother is here)? And all I could think of was my sick mother. I did not have money and I had not even taken breakfast. I could not stand it, so I just left,” narrated the comedian. 

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This comes days after a chines national Liu Jiaqi was deported for referring to Kenyans as monkeys, poor foolish, black and smelly including President Kenyatta. The motorcycle businessman was captured in a video by one of his employees airing the racist remarks as he threatened to fire an employee.

Allegations of Chinese mistreating locals in the country have been on the rise in the recent past.