Lupita Nyong’o’s sisters leaves tongues wagging after her naked photo shoot 


Hollywood darling, Lupita Nyong’o is a house hold name in Kenya. Her family members are also not strangers to media attention.

Zawadi Nyong’o, the elder sister to the Oscar-winning actress, has left many rather shocked after sharing three nude photos taken during a yoga session.

Zawadi shared the photos to mark the start of her “TRUE 30 Day Yoga Journey” surprising many in the process.

While she has been a victim of cyber violence before, she didn’t hold back while sharing her latest photos which have her in her birthday suit during the session.

“At the beginning of this year, I made a commitment to myself to reconnect with my yoga practice, and decided to do the “TRUE 30 Day Yoga Journey” with @adrienelouise,“she said on Instagram.

“It’s day 16 and I’ve only gotten to day 5 of the program because life. Sigh. But instead of beating myself up for slacking, I renewed my commitment to myself this morning, got on my mat, and within minutes of practicing, I could feel the impact. Every single time I show up for myself in my Self-Care journey, it has a positive impact on other parts of my life. My lesson for today: it’s not about achieving perfection. It’s about being present to the magic in every step of the journey. There is perfection in imperfection.”


(1/3) The more I accept, embrace, and validate myself, the less I need others to. Yes, that’s easier said than done, especially in this current world we live in where we are constantly comparing ourselves with others. It takes work, commitment, patience, and lots of compassion. _______________________________ 2017 was my year of FREEDOM. 2018 is my year of FULFILLMENT – #365DayzOfFULFILLMENT. I have no idea what that will look like for me, but I’m excited about the possibilities. 16 days into January, I can definitely say that this has been a really emotionally intense month. But despite the challenges, every day I try to take a pause, meditate on, and appreciate the fulfilling moments and experiences I am being blessed with. Today, I am thankful for the messages in the last card reading I did for team @ZeroByZawadi on Saturday: COMPLETION, TRANSFORMATION & BIRTH. __________________________ COMPLETION: “You are at the end of a cycle. Say your goodbyes, take stock, tie up loose ends and decide what you want to take with you. You will leave much behind.” @SusanWoldman Contemplation Cards . . . . . . #30DayzOfCOMPLETION #2018VesselOfPower #SelfCare #ElevateYourShape #YogaChallenge

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