Lingala dancer Kanda King reunited with wife after scare he’d ‘been stolen’ by another man


Singer and dancer Kanda King has finally opened up about an incident that scared the wits out of him sometime early this year.

King, in January thought his wife had eloped with another man after she went missing for several days. He then shocked his fans on social media after posting a picture that captures the mother of his three children with an unknown man sitting between her thighs, insinuating the man is behind her “run”.

But in an interview with Switch TV recently, the popular Lingala singer who works with his wife said that their was a miss understanding between whereby his wife had gone for a music shoot without informing him.

Ilikua tense kidogo because my wife did not tell me she was going to do a video so akadissapear tu, the next thing nikaona beste yangu… amenitumia picha kwa whatsapp, nikashangaa huyu amepotea aje harudi one day na haniambii chochote” he said.

The two have been married for twelve years now. During an interview, Kanda King revealed that his love for dance moves made him meet his wife. He narrated of how he had a show in a club in town and his wife, who was then a stranger, approached him to ask for a show.

Watch the interview below: