Life in the US is not a joke- comedian explains why he’s broke and conned Kenyans at home


Former Churchill comedian David Kangogo also known as David The student has finally addressed allegations that he has turned into a con man in the US.

Using his personal social media account, the comedian shared a rather emotional apology claiming that he’s in the sticky position because his father has cancer, and also that he’s in a career that demands much but brings little.

“I have spent time read this [allegations] and some of it is true (the borrowing of money). But I have never told anyone my father has cancer,” said Kangogo in the post. 

He went on to explain that moving to the US has turned out to be a nightmare he never foresaw. He expected to thrive once he landed in the land of the free and expected dollars left right and centre. However, the opposite has been true.

After confessing he was a shamed of himself, the comedian, who is known for his catchphrase “sema stupid”, went on to blame his career and promoters.

“Not that some will care but the truth is, there’s so much pressure being on TV. To live a certain life but in real sense, it’s just s***  crazy. And I don’t want to speak for anyone else but it’s crazy being famous and broke. Comedy in Kenya doesn’t pay and most promoters here [US] get shows but don’t pay,” said the comedian whose Instagram account is littered with photos of him eating life with a big spoon.

David The student became a trending topic yesterday after several Kenyans  accused him of conning them. A lady called Grace Mboya even filed a report with the Lang’ata police asking for his arrest. According to the complainant, the comedian obtained Sh188,650 from her under false pretenses and has failed to pay her back.

“He borrowed the money in July last year and for some time now, I have been chasing him for it. I even gave him a repayment plan of Sh20,000 for 10 months but he still did not honor it,’’ she told the reporter.

David The student issued a sincere apology but failed to mention when he might return the money.

“I’m not defending my actions. I’m taking full responsibility of some of the accusations and from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry. The very best in all your wishes.” he said.