Lebanese Man Seeks To Be United With His Kenyan Family Years After His Mother Commited Suicide


A Kenyan-born man Alexandar Bedran is now calling upon anyone who can help him trace his Kenyan roots years after his mother committed suicide.

In a report by Nation Africa, the man reveals that his effort to find his Kenyan family has not been successful despite several attempts to make his plea on social media and the embassy of Kuwait.

The 25-year-old revealed his frustration over the process as he recalls bits of information shared to him by his late mother who was of Kamba-Kikuyu descent.

According to him, he learnt about his Kenyan roots from based on the information given by his parents although he doubts the details shared by his father who he accuses of being a dubious man.

Alexandar who been living in Lebanon for a greater part of his life was born in Kenya on March 11, 1995, at the Mombasa Hospital to a Lebanese father Ahmad Yousef Badran, and Kenyan mother Jacinta Mueni Kitinga.

Her parents met in Mombasa and later relocated to Cyprus then Lebanon where he has been up to date. He also disclosed the strange relationship that his parents portraying his father as violent and controlling. In several instances, he says his father used to beat his mother and did not allow her to interact with friends.

“While in Lebanon, my mother was never allowed to communicate with her family back in Kenya. She was not allowed to learn Arabic or go out to meet anyone or see anything.

My mother, however, secretly made friends with a union of international women in Lebanon who were her only friends and source of companionship. My father still forbade her from ever seeing or talking to them.” he stated

Recalling the unfortunate event that led to his mother’s death, Alexandar reveals that his mother committed suicide through electrocution in 2007 and had earlier demanded a divorce which only resulted in his father beating her up.

“The neighbors saw her intentionally hold onto an electric wire until she died. That same day my father had threatened to send my mother to a mental asylum, saying she would be locked up. Weeks before her death, she asked for a divorce but my father laughed it off and beat her whenever she mentioned it.” he stated

9 years after his mother’s death, he ran away from home but later in 2020 reconciled with his father in an attempt to acquire his mother’s documents [Kenyan ID, marriage certificate].

His father however claimed that the documents were all lost and this made the process to acquire Kenyan citizenship difficult.

“I believe I have been denied my right to acquire my Kenyan nationality because of the chaos in my immediate family. I once reached out to the Kenyan Consulate in Lebanon and was advised to be physically present in Kenya while applying,” he stated

Alexandar who was advised by the Kenyan Embassy in Kuwait to travel to Kenya and apply for his Kenyan citizenship documents says that the only document he has is his Kenyan birth certificate.

With this plea, he hopes that he can eventually reunite with his Kenyan family.