KQ CEO Sebastian Mikosz bashed for saying pilots among best paid


Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA) has stated through a letter that it has lost faith in Kenya Airways Managing Director Sebastian Mikosz’s plan of restoring the troubled airline.

KQ pilots, in the letter, scolded Mikosz following his recent comments that they are among the best paid in the region.

“It is shameful for a person in your position to lie to the Kenyan public. Your attempt to paint a picture of underutilised and overpaid pilots is laughable,” KALPA’s Secretary General Murithi Nyagah, said in the fiery letter.

Mikosz made the disputed remarks when he appeared before the National Assembly’s Transport and Public Works Committee on Tuesday, April 9, to defend the proposed takeover of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) by KQ, a thing that has become a topic of discussion.

“Unfortunately, the pilots’ remuneration is not in line with their productivity,” Mikosz said in a KQ management document presented to the Transport Committee.

The letter comes at a time when KQ has lost 130 pilots to Middle East airlines in the past one year because of poor pay.

The association told the National Assembly Transport and housing committee Kenya Airways had 430 pilots, 200 heads short of capacity.

Pilots flying Boeing earn a gross salary of Ksh483, 350 ($4,834), those flying Embraer earn Ksh407,916 ($4,080). In addition, captains get Ksh36,000 ($360) and first officers Ksh30,814 ($308) as house allowance. Pilots who fly outside the country get $200 as accommodation per night according to what they presenter to national Assembly Transport and housing committee.