Kobi Kihara makes comeback after being exposed for plagiarism


It seems life out there in the cold without social media is quite unbearable for anyone who is used to being online. The sentiments might actually be true if former NTV screen siren Kobi Kihara’s comeback is anything to go by.

The morning show host deleted her social media accounts after online users trolled her and accused her plagiarism.

The TV girl was criticized for lifting up images from the internet and posting them as her own just to show the world that she lives the high-end kind of life. The new OfficialKobiKihara instagram account was fast used on September 14 this year after she took an unprecedented break from the online platform due to the backlash she had received.

She had been named in July by UK Magazine Luxuria Lifestyle Network as their Global Brand Ambassador because of ‘her luxurious lifestyle’ prompting her to share her excitement online.

“This is how excited you look when you get the news that you’re one of the new Global Brand Ambassadors of Luxuria Lifestyle Network. Can’t wait to take you guys through the world of luxury,” posted Kobi. 

But this time round the beauty seems to be a bit cautious on what she posts since Kenyans won’t let her fool them again. She later on put up a public apology before deleting her account.


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Take a step back.Remember who You are.Remember how you got here.You are So Much More than you thought you would be by 20-something.Look around — look at your life.Be grateful.You have so much more than many others never will.That is a very easy thing to forget.But,I also tell myself: Remember to stay grounded.You have also done less (way less) than 10-year-old You thought that you would.Because:Are you married? Are you a CEO? Are you famous? No.No, and definitely — no. Ten-year-old-me had pretty high expectations for myself.Still now I have high expectations for myself.But sometimes,you need to put yourself in 10-year-old You’s shoes.Because,at ten,your Adult self was your biggest hero.And,the best part? You always believed in You.So,believe in You.You are not (never) moving too slowly. You can always be doing more,seeing more,experiencing more.But hey, that’s life.And,if you didn’t expect yourself to keep pushing ahead,you wouldn’t be where you are today. Time can be manipulated based on how you spend it.So,choose wisely,and always choose You.We’re all in this together. #time #expectations #Kobiwithaneye

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