Kobi Kihara attacked by Kenyans for her fake lifestyle after moving to diaspora 


Former NTV screen siren Kobi Kihara has found herself on the wrong side with Kenyans online after she lifted a photo from the internet of a plate full of salad and claimed she was the one who had made it.

The former AM Live host has been trending after followers accusing her of not obeying copyright rules amounting to plagiarism. Online users went ahead to sample more pictures from her account that she had downloaded from the internet and posted as her own.

“Is validation that big a deal that you have to screenshot goddamn salad off Google, post in your IG account and say it’s you who made it just to get likes and stay ‘relevant’ yet you never did? Surely,” wondered a fan. 

Kobi, who is in the US where she enrolled at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York, got even questioned by a section of her fans who wondered whether she indeed enrolled at the institution or it was just another fake it till you make it moment.

On that particular salad photo, according to Google tool ‘reverse image search’, it reveals that that the photo was first posted by a recipe website known as howsweeteats.com on July 6, 2016.


Kobi was recently in July appointed as the Global ambassador for UK Magazine Luxaria Lifestyle Network owing to what was described as her high end lifestyle but this has come to question whether whatever she posts online is real or just trying to keep up with the pressure from the expectations of the fans. She announced the news of her appointment with lots of excitement.

“This is how excited you look when you get the news that you’re one of the new Global Brand Ambassadors for Luxaria Lifestyle Network. Can’t wait to take you guys through the world of luxury,” Posted Kihara.