What We Know About the Dallas Debacle So Far..A Timeline of Events


Shhhhh…..this is our little secret.

We also do not know.

Here is the thing, African Warrior Magazine is exploring the idea of hosting an awards ceremony for the top 40 Kenyan men and women that you nominated. This will be around the second or third week of September. First, to help with the planning, we want to know if you are interested in attending!

If you are keen on this idea, please sign up below (Blue, sign up button). Remember to share this with your friends. If more people are interested, then we will put together this event!

Let us network and build each other instead of always pulling each other down. Let us not build walls of cynicism, let us build hope and inspiration.


Now, what happened in Dallas? African Warrior Magazine policy is to bring families together, not to separate them. We will strive to conduct a workshop on conflict resolution and clarity in communication to avoid family conflicts, as one of the events to curtain raise for the gala night!