Kirinyaga Woman Rep. Embarrased By Motorist For Breaking Traffic Rules


A video showing Kirinyaga woman rep Purity Wangui Ngirici being embarrased by a motorist for violating traffic rules has gone viral.

The incidence upon which the video is based upon, is said to have taken place in June this year. The unidentified motorist is heard telling off the legislator for failure to follow the traffic rules, and further accuses her of trying to punch him.


The tongue-tied Kirinyaga legislator, who is set to give the incumbent governor a run for her money in in the next election, is seen returning to her car carrying the weight of shame.

The motorist was applauded by Kenyans on Twitter who pointed out their disappointment with VIPs who fail to follow the stipulated rules.

Hon. Purity Wangui has since apologized for her error in judgement.