Kirinyaga Has Lost a Great Friend in Apollo Malowa


By Mutugi Wanjohi

Kirinyaga County joins the rest of the country in mourning a dear Honorary Kirinyagan Sky Warrior CPT Apollo Malowa.

He piloted our Dear County Women Rep throughout our 2 year campaign period and was the most friendly being ever.

Team Wangui not only loses a kind humble member but a great dearie friend.

CPT Malowa had a great love for the skies answered questions easily, inspired a generation of Kirinyaga kids who want to be a pilot.

Every time ‘kibíríríki kía wangui’ flew in every corners of the county, kids rushed out to it.

CPT Malowa was always welcoming to all Kirinyaga kids with wide arms taking photos with them in rural Kirinyaga and every where he landed.

The man had a friendly heart. We in Team Wangui joked that he should find a home here and he was always torn between KC, ndia,mwea and gichugu all the places he found spectacularly beautiful from up above.

Most memorable moment was when Hon Wangui was confirmed winner and Team Members took a celebratory live video feed with the helicopter wheeling in the background courtesy of him.

To say we are distraught is an understatement.

May God give all the families grace and may Hon Wangui who shared the skies daily with CPT Malowa in this bid for change find comfort in this loss of a friend and our sky warrior Kirinyagan.