Kilifi Deputy Governor’s family in the UK finally speaks up, urges Kenyans to observe safety measures to curb COVID-19


An extended family member of Kilifi Deputy Governor Gideon Saburi has finally opened up regarding the DG’s drama early this month after he tested positive for Covid-19.

Saburi tested positive of Covid-19 on Sunday, March 22, weeks after arriving in the country from Germany via Amsterdam on March 6. Trouble knocked on his door after he failed to observe the government’s directive to self-quarantine which led to his arrest.

His nephew, Didier Madzayo, who is currently in London, has finally addressed the saga saying it was a trying time for the whole family.

“Allow me to point out that there has been a lot going on and so many hurtful overwhelming comments that have been issued or directed to Deputy Governor Kilifi County to an extent of people wishing him dead,” Madzayo posted on Instagram. 

Madzayo wondered why Kenyans were finding it so hard to forgive him even after apologizes. Saburi reached out to Kenyans and his Kilifi County residents, asking them to forgive him for violating President Uhuru Kenyatta’s self-quarantine directive to those who had traveled from abroad.

Kenyans, however, weren’t having it. Some even demanded the politician should be sentenced to death for ‘intentionally trying to kill Kenyans’.

“Wow, what happened to humanity? Have we really lost ourselves that much?” asked Madzayo in his post. 

“Even during these trying times we just so blinded by aimless feelings of anger. My question to anyone irritated or moved by this post is; What happened to People taking in apologies and moving on with life? What really happened to ‘I am sorry’ or even say the words “I forgive you?” Is compassion so farfetched that we cannot come to terms with it?”

Madzyo also took time to speak about his quarantine routine in London and how he’s been trying to capitalize on it despite the numerous distractions.

“During the early days of the pandemic, I was going through therapy sessions and had more time to read, relax, and be creative,” he said.

“Then all of a sudden the endless rounds of learning TikTok dances, crazy and dangerous moves that have left me so astonished. Also, I must admit that watching Instagram Lives are now feeling a little bit monotonous and to some extent very boring.”

Madzayo, who is also a singer and even participated in the famous TV show Tusker Project Fame, has been working day and night in fighting depression.

He recently shared that he’s willing to help other Kenyan artists overcome the rather downplayed illness, something that the government has failed to do so far. He has been reaching out to everyone who approaches him regarding the issue and how they can go about it.