Kenya’s Vincent Adede Becomes First African To Contribute To Pennsylvanian Weekly Magazine; The Arcanist


Popular Kenyan writer Vincent Adede Owalla is set to be featured on Pennsylvanian weekly magazine; the Arcanist becoming the first African to contribute to the blog with his fiction series dubbed MAYOR ON THE RUN.

Making this big announcement on his Facebook page, Adede asked his fans to be on the lookout for the series which will be published on the online Pittsburgh-based literary magazine.

“Anytime from today, the first episode of my series “MAYOR ON THE RUN “will be featuring on THE ARCANIST blog ( – making me the first African to contribute for the blog…

“Be on the look and follow this exciting series. I will provide you with the link once episode one is out. It is up to episode 34. Remember when you read from there, I earn something.”he wrote

The writer who doubles up as a teacher shared the synopsis of the series adding that the fiction is about an estranged mayor entangled within romance, crime, betrayal, corruption, bad governance, immorality, and Injustice.

The Arcanist which focuses on fiction, fantasy, and science will publish all the 34 episodes of his series, and earnings from this achievement will be partly dependent on the readership.

Being featured on this International blog marks another milestone in his career as a writer and beyond the expected income, this will also attract a global fanbase.

Apart from this fiction series, Adede is also known to have authored the book ‘My Husband and I’ which is available on Amazon.