Kenya’s Elsa Majimbo Nominated For E! Peoples Choice Awards


19-year-old Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo has been nominated for  E! Peoples Choice Awards weeks after her comical video was shared on the E! news platform.

Elsa has been listed among 7 other contestants under the African Social Star category.

The fast-rising comedian took to her social media pages to express her excitement over this achievement as she called upon her supporters to vote for her.

“I am so excited and shocked to announce that I have been nominated E! Peoples Choice Awards in the category of African Social Star.

“While I don’t know how I got here so quickly, what I do know is I wouldn’t have gotten here without all of your support. So please continue to show me your support by voting for me with up to 25 votes a day, link in my bio!!!!” she wrote on her post

Majimbo became an International sensation after her comical content which she consistently posted got traction across the globe.

Initially, Majimbo fell victim to cyberbullying with many doubting her talent but has since risen above trolls to earn international recognition after several media platforms covered her story.

Other than this recent achievement, Majimbo worked with Rihanna’s Fenty on a sunglass campaign and has been featured in International platforms like BET, CNN, Guardian, BBC, and others.

Some popular personalities like Lupita Nyongo, America’s SZA also endorsed her content which served as a major boost in her career.

The People’s Choice Awards is an American awards show, recognizing people in the entertainment and making it to the list of nominees serves as a major milestone for the comedian.