Kenya’s Akinyi Adoyo Honored By American Caribbean Chamber of Commerce


American based Akinyi Adoyo, has been honored by the American Caribbean Chamber of Commerce for her work community work and promoting advancement of Diaspora agenda.

Akinyi received the award at a reception of candid conversations with prominent international women titled “An Equal World is an Enabled World!”

The event was put together by the American Caribbean Chamber of Commerce.

Speaking to African Warrior Magazine, Akinyi noted that the reception allowed the participants to explore their unique yet similar experiences in Diaspora, and how collectively they can create a gender equal world.

“There was a moderated panel discussion that was preceded and followed by networking sessions. I, along with a few other wonderful ladies were honored for the work we do in our various communities. The room was filled with beautiful incredible women from all walks of life. A huge take away for most, I think, was that we have to unlearn a lot of the social norms that keep us burdened with unnecessary expectations” Akinyi told African Warrior Magazine.