Kenyans Without Degrees Can Now Work In The UK [Details]


Kenyans job seekers without degrees are now viable to get work permits in Britain after the government introduced the new points-based immigration system.

As per the new immigration system, Britain has now lowered the requirements for Kenyan job seekers to minimum skill A- level or equivalent degree level.

In a statement by UK Minister for Africa James Duddridge to the media, this move has fueled high expectations to have migrants take up job opportunities.

“People who have lived and have done a bit of work” in the UK, worked for companies with links to British firms and “have a cultural appreciation of the UK society” stand to score more points under the work visa rules,” he stated.

Other than offering job permits, the new rules also give Kenyan students more time allowance to stay in the UK [under the graduate rule system] while seeking jobs after the completion of their studies as well as relaxation of visa rules.

The relaxed work visa rules allow migrant workers to attain 70 points in order to move to the UK.

-40 points to be earned upon receiving a job offer from an approved employer to do a skilled assignment.

-10 points to be earned for being an English speaking migrant worker

-Remaining 20 points to be earned if the worker is to be paid Ksh 316,480 monthly or ksh3.79 million yearly.

-A further 20 points could be earned if the applicant gets a job on the UK shortage occupation list.

In regard to the limitations encountered under the previous work visa system, Duddridge mentioned that the government is keen to make reforms so as to accommodate more applications from immigrants.

Beyond these new rules and reforms being of great benefit to the migrants, UK believes that it will equally contribute to the growth of their economy.