Kenyans Share On Whether They Would Leave The Country If Offered Ksh 200,000 To Work In UAE


Kenyans online have engaged in a discussion on whether they would rather stay in their country while earning less salary or relocate to UAE and earn twice as much.

The conversation was sparked by a  popular Kenyan comedian Captain Otoyo who asked Kenyans to open up about their preference.

“Would you prefer to stay in Kenya with a Ksh 100,000 salary or got to UAE for Ksh 200,000 salary?” he posed

In his opinion, Otoyo said he would prefer working in UAE and would willingly work there for 5 years with a proper saving plan and later return home and build greater things.

“I think that if you are not married then you are better off in UAE. Chapa kazi miaka tano,save rudi nyumbani,fanya mambo makubwa” he wrote in his post

His question triggered mixed reactions with some Kenyans raising concern over the tough working conditions in the foreign middle east countries while others shared their personal experiences having worked in both Kenya and UAE.

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Victor SchwartzUAE African workers stays in hostels of about 8persons per room.. Life is so expensive.. Climate is so extreme.. Even with 60k, better stay in Kenya

Becky AdhiamboUAE all the way…no doubt about it…my second year in Dubai and am loving it

Kim JW OlooI’d rather stay in Kenya. Am not planning to leave my motherland

Patrick ChirchirKenya is the best place to be…I have been in Qatar and across Europe…. France, Belgium etc but Kenya is the best.

Godwin WanjuhiIf you own a good brain, being in kenya it’s a good idea, work for five years only save and start your own business

Elizabeth NyamburaI would sacrifice to go to UAE,save and come back home to invest bcos there I will not have too much expenses thus making it easier for me to save,ama namna gani my fren

Nya’Siaya LizBut I’ve been staying happily in kenya without earning, with 100k I’ll make my own heaven in kenya

Samson N – HustlerYou’ll be paid 100k in Kenya and taxed almost half, UAE Express

Nina Esy PrinceKenya even with a 20k salary , despite the hardships si we have enough memes to keep us going

Pilijack MtoAs for me No regrets at all, infact i regret wasting my time in Kenya for 15yrs i saved Nothing but coming to gulf only 3yrs have been able to build a home for my parents, now mine is on the way thanks to God for this opportunity here.No regret

Reuben WafulahBetter i go to UAE coz no tax on salary, Kenya is for few individuals.

Priscah SanchezBetter in kenya even with no salary

Jared OwenjeI prefer Kenya without a job than be a slave in UAE

Kanyora MkuuRight now am in Bahrain when you talk about 200,000ksh am in total shock coz now this is my 3rd year and still saving yangu hata haijafika 100,000ksh my self am confuced where is where

Emmaculate LubangaIt will depend with the kind of job  if am going to be a security guard for 200k while here am in the same position for 20k mbona nisipande ndege

Paul KamandeBetter be in Kenya a million times. We’ve been in the Middle East, you save and save and when you come back you are as good as blind, not updated with business in your country, you invest wrongly and you are back to square one, left more frustrated than even those you left here. Better to be Kenya a million times I repeat.

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