Kenyans now buying fuel from Uganda


Kenyans continue to feel the pinch brought about by the hike in petroleum products price as a result of the introduction of the 16 per cent Tax which took effect on the 1st September 2018.

A section of Kenyans in western Kenya are now crossing over to Uganda to buy the essential commodity as the prices in the neighboring country seem to be relatively cheaper compared to Kenya.

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Litre of super unleaded in Uganda is going for Ksh 108 while the same amount retails at ksh 131 in Kenya. The rise in pump prices has been received with a lot of criticism with many Kenyans calling for President Uhuru Kenyatta to act with speed upon his return from China where he is attending the Africa China Cooperation Forum.

The rise has crippled the public transport sector with many passengers travelling from different parts of the nation remain stranded as public service vehicles grounded in protest of the high fuel prices.

Matatu operators in different parts of the country have defended their actions of increasing fares saying that they have no option but to pass on the burden to the commuters. Some operators have however taken advantage of the window and are now charging exorbitant fares.

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Trucks transporting fuel have also halted their activities calling for urgent intervention by the relevant authorities before they resume their work and this might plunge the country into an orchestrated fuel shortage.

Residents of Nakuru County took to the streets in peaceful demonstrations to exert pressure on the government to intervene and lower the fuel prices to avoid the looming crisis ahead.The demonstrates cried of the already high cost of living which is unbearable.

The move by Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich to go on with the implementation of the Tax might face legal setbacks after activist Okiya Omtatah and COTU moved to the High Court and filed a case under a certificate of urgency to reverse the decision by the Treasury. Kenyans are eagerly waiting to see what action President Kenyatta will take in order to save them from the sharp jaws of tough economic times.