Kenyans Living Abroad Mocked Over Extravagant Lifestyle After Debate To Evacuate ‘Broke’ Stranded Kenyans


Kenyans on Twitter have today sparked a huge debate on whether government should facilitate the evacuation of its citizens following concerns over their safety and working conditions. This comes after the recent pleas from a number of Kenyan citizens especially from the Middle East countries to be evacuated citing mistreatment and tough economic times.

Despite the fact that some citizens who lived to tell their horrific encounters while working abroad, millions of Kenyans continue to flock to the very countries that have been put on ‘red alert’ in search of greener pastures.

While many others from the same crowd have been able to achieve their dreams and are living large in Diaspora, what seems to give many a headache is why others end up being broke and are forced to call upon the government to facilitate their transport back into the country.

A section of Twitter users claims that a number of Kenyans work hard in the diaspora but are yet to master the art of saving and investing and this is what pushes them into financial constraints rendering the many years of their effort and struggle useless.

In a series of tweets, Kenyans called out those living abroad for easily being distracted by the flashy lifestyle and forgetting their roots and their goals as soon as they start making money.

In 2015, the Kenyan government faced backlash after they introduced a diaspora policy to encourage investment, keep track of Kenyans abroad, and involve them in the country’s development.

Some of the concerns raised were on the citizen’s safety considering that the tracking system would possibly involve the sharing of their personal data. However, following this debate, some Kenyans agree that this policy which is also part of the vision 2030 indeed plays a great role in solving some of the challenges that Kenyans in the diaspora are facing.

Another group of Kenyans has further lamented how some of the hardships faced by those in Diaspora are a result of self-made choices that result in consequences that the government is wrongfully blamed for.

This conversation comes days after a viral video of the once famed NFL player Daniel Adongo revealed his sad state despite the fact that he led a flashy lifestyle and even signed million-dollar deals years back.

Speaking in defense of Kenyans living abroad, some have argued that the fact that citizens in the diaspora send billions into the country annually should be good enough for the government to act fast when the call to evacuate them arises.

Data released by CBK shows that Kenyans abroad sent home Sh280 billion in 2019, a 3.7 percent rise compared to Sh269.7 billion dispatched in 2018.

Do you agree that the failure to invest is what cripples the success of Kenyans abroad? And what could be the possible solutions?

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