Kenyans Illegally In Saudi Arabia Get A Surprise Notice From The Kenyan Embassy


Kenyans living illegally in Saudi Arabia have been asked by the Kenyan embassy to take advantage of a 90-day amnesty and leave the country.

The request comes after a campaign dubbed ‘A Nation Without Violators’ was launched and includes the amnesty that keeps undocumented migrant workers from paying fines and penalties relating to violations of the residency law, labour system, and border security.

The amnesty began in March 29.

It covers those who have overstayed in Umrah and Haj, pilgrims without Haj permit or any other who has crossed the borders. Those who leave in during the amnesty wont be prosecuted.

We urge all Kenyans to adhere to the rules and refrain from engaging in acts that will endanger their legal status in the kingdom,” read the statement.

According to Kenya’s deputy ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Ibrahim Adan, said the embassy is working out on ways how they can help them.

“Those with valid passports will undergo the normal procedures laid out and those who don’t possess passports will be issued with emergency certificates,” he said.

“We are optimistic that many Kenyans, majority being house helps who have run away from their employers, will take advantage of the amnesty and leave the kingdom without facing any penalties or legal actions.”




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