Kenyans fall in love with Awinja’s son’s name


Jacky Vike alias Awinja alias Nyamwalo, is one of the lead favourties in the popular local comedy; Papa Shirandula.

The actress gave birth on June 03, 2017 and in an emotional post on her Instagram page, Jacky expressed her gratitude to friends, family and fans for their support throughout her pregnancy.

She also released  the first photo of her son then.

Now, while opening up about her pregnancy and how her life changed, she celebrated being a new mum to a son who is three months old now and dropped another photo but we are still yet to see her son’s face.

All the same she at least dropped his name: Thandiwe.

Awinja is married to Alfred Ngachi who works for Sync Media as the executive creative director.

She said:

“These little people do not come with manuals but I am glad Thandiwe is a playful and happy child. I decided to give him my undivided attention for at least the first three months as his immune system develops so I would rather stay home with him,” Awinja told the Standard on Sunday, August 27.