Kenyans in diaspora in fear as government plans for pension register review


The government is set to begin it’s review of pensioners living abroad in July according to pension secretary Shem Nyakutu.

This is as government continues with the cleaning the of retirees’ payroll register, an exercise set to end next month.

Kenyans abroad, however, have been left worried since the government hasn’t communicated exactly how the operation will be conducted.

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Whether retirees will be counted from their countries of residence or will be required to travel back to Kenya is something that the pension office couldn’t clarify yet.

These has left some in fear of losing their pensions when the counting period closes.

Ministry of National Treasury on February 11 2019 started Pensioners and Dependents headcount for beneficiaries of Public Pension Scheme. The mission is supported by the retirement’s benefits authority (RBA).

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The Pensions Department estimates that taxpayers are paying relatives and dependents of dead people retirement benefits, helped by the growing use of ATM cards and mobile banking, which do not require the physical presence of beneficiaries in banking halls.

The Treasury said it plans to stop wiring cash to the bank accounts of retirees who fail to show up for vetting which was done at Huduma Centers.

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“Persons who fail to make it to the headcount will be presumed dead and payments to their bank accounts will be stopped,” said a top Treasury official familiar with the impending census.

“Mobile banking and use of ATM has raised the risk of payments being made to the deceased’s dependents. It is easier to withdraw the benefits on behalf of beneficiaries.”