Why Kenyans Are Celebrating After 39 Year-Old Macron Won The Elections


Kenyans living in France were tensed as the country went to the polls on Sunday for the second round of presidential elections.

The anxiety spread across thousands of immigrants in France, and was closely watched by the European Union, which would have all but collapsed if anti-EU, anti-immigrant Le Pen won the election.

Capital FM reports that Kenyans were stressed since the recent terrorists’ attacks in the country have soured relationship between the residents and immigrants who are living in the country.

To many immigrants, Emmanuel Macron policies were favoring them more than Marie Le Pen’s of the far-right National Front Party.

“There is a section of French citizens who feel the solution is closing the borders and this is partly what made her sail through the second round,” says Veronica Kariuki, the President on Kenya France Business Club and has worked in France for 15 years.

“As immigrants, we feel safer with a Macron government compared to a Le Pen government which could completely exclude immigrants and even shut us out from the country,” says Kariuki.

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Le Pen  vowed to take France out of the eurozone, hold a referendum on EU membership and immediately reinstate national border controls if she attained power.

Macron, on the other hand, is a strong defender of the EU project who would strengthen the eurozone and deepen EU defence cooperation. He rebuffed Le Pen’s proposal to close France’s borders.

Amos Juma who is also based in the France he was satisfied with the win.

“But people are now at ease even within the French citizenry who had staged a demonstration in Paris against La Pen last week,” says Juma.