Kenyans Bewitched Me After jetting Back From US- Singer Bamboo


After his return to Kenya in 2012, popular Kenyan singer Bamboo says that he experienced something strange that eventually made him grow his Christian faith.

In an interview with one of the local media, Bamboo says that some people were jealous of his success and he further accused them of using witchcraft to destroy him.

“When I came back from the States, I was excited. Within a short time, there are people who were jealous and there are guys who use dark powers to shut you down. I found that doors that were previously opened were shut down. Everything was going wrong,” he said.

In what he describes as an unusual encounter Bamboo said that he would go to the studio with the intention of recording music only for lights to go off and come back after he leaves the studio.

Though such and other encounters, Bamboo says it made him realize that witchcraft exists and it was at this point that he began to fight back as a Christian.

“I witnessed that witchcraft exists. It is more than just a fairytale. I was attacked by those same things and I made it through. The process of getting through it is what opened my eyes.” he added

The ‘Compe’ hitmaker says that he even took a break from his music career to build his Christain faith.

He later made a comeback in the music industry as a gospel musician with his most recent released song ‘Karibu Home’ being a collabo featuring Tanzanian singer Martha Mwaipaja.

His message in the new song is to ask people to turn back to God saying that many people feel as if God has been distant since the pandemic struck.

Apart from music, Bamboo also has 5 published books speaking on spiritual warfare and money.