Why Kenyans are angry with their best comedians who visited New York recently


Comedian Eric Omondi has just accomplished one of his wildest dreams while in New York and Kenyans were so happy for him.

But that didn’t last long, however.

Kenyans were happy with Omondi after he met America’s best comedian Jimmy Fallon, a thing even Omondi himself said was a dream he didn’t want to wake up from. He made Kenyans proud after appearing on ‘The Tonight Show’.

But things quickly changed for the worst after the comedian and his partner Chipukeezy posted a video on Instagram while in Las Vegas a day later dressed like ‘Uncivilized Africans’.

Borrowing from the movie ‘The Gods Must Be crazy’, which many Africans saw has demeaning and misinforming, the two comedians stood outside a Las Vegas hotel dancing in nothing but animal skin covering their private parts.

They are here!!!…NEW YORK CITY… #TheGodsAreNotCrazy2 Coming Soon #FanakaTv @chipukeezy

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It didn’t go down well with many Kenyans, and Africans in general.

People took to social media to complain about the stunt with many claiming the two are pushing the stereotypes Africans are working so hard to eliminate.

Omondi, however, decided to stay mum on the issue.





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