Kenyan YouTuber Based In US Speaks After Contracting Coronavirus


30-year-old Kenyan Youtuber Yvonne Mugure has taken to social media to narrate her experience after she contracted Coronavirus.

Speaking in one of her video posts, Mugure says that she knew something was not right after she experienced difficulties in breathing. She, however, added that she had earlier lost sense of smell and taste but dismissed it thinking it was nothing major.

“I could not breath, I had mild breathing problems but at some point, I could not breathe at all. It felt like I was catching every other breath…” she stated

According to her, the symptoms were probably worse because she has a weak immune system.

“My symptoms are more severe than most because I found out I have a weak immune system (I had no clue).“ she wrote in her post

The content creator believes she was lucky since she managed to call her mother and dialed the emergency number and the team was quick to respond.

According to the doctor’s report, Mugure was diagnosed with pneumonia in her left lung and had to be on oxygen to ease her breathing.

After days of being in isolation at one of the hospital facility, her results came back positive of COVID-19.

A day after the positive results, the Youtuber gave an update about her condition saying that she can now breathe on her own and is off the oxygen mask. Her advise to others is that they should stay at home and take the outbreak seriously.

“The virus doesn’t care about your age, race or socioeconomic status. It’s attacking anyone. I’m just like you. I’m urging everyone to please stay home. This is not a joke or fluke, it’s real life.” she stated