Kenyan Women Stuck In Bahrain Plead With The Government To Evacuate Them [Video]



A group of Kenyan ladies stuck in Bahrain has reached out to the Kenyan government to facilitate their evacuation back into the country.

Addressing their issues in the video which has now gone viral on social media, the Kenyans complain of tough living conditions as a result of the COVID-19 impact which has rendered most of them jobless.

Highlighting their struggles since the outbreak of the virus, one of the ladies, Susan revealed that some of the Kenyans are currently homeless and cannot afford the basic needs like food on a daily basis.

I am one of the Kenyans in Bahrain and we are pleading with the Kenyan government to help Kenyans come back home by resuming flights.

Some Kenyans have been suffering since early March, some have lost their jobs, no food, no place to stay no salary. Some are ready to go back home because they are stranded – Susan said

Another lady in the video lamented how they have been surviving on relief food and not getting help even from the police and other authorities.

This video has caught the attention of many Kenyans including celebrities who have in turn used their social media platforms to reach out to politicians expecting them to take action over the matter.

“Let’s not abandon them in their time of need. We need to shed light on their plight and give a voice to their pleas. Calling out to friends to help get this message out until it gets the attention it requires and action needed to bring our fellow citizens home” one artist Gabu wrote

The stranded Kenyans hope that their message will reach their leaders who they believe are able to help them travel back.

Although the government banned all international flights in March, leaders have been able to evacuate stranded Kenyan citizens from some parts of the globe.

Beyond the government’s efforts to provide aircraft for stranded Kenyans who can afford to cater for their travel costs, politicians like Mike Sonko have shown their support by taking it as a personal initiative and pay flight tickets for Kenyans who are not able to finance their travel back into the country.