Kenyan Woman Who Has Been Offering Free Food To Africans In Dubai Amid The Pandemic


A Kenyan woman identified as Wangeci Waruire has warmed many hearts for her generosity and service amid the COVID-19 pandemic which rendered many jobless.

In a report by BBC, Wangeci who worked as a driver at a Dubai airport felt the need to give back to society considering the negative impact the virus had since its outbreak.

Although she was among the many people whose jobs came to a standstill, Wangeci says that her husband has been supportive and this is what has made the food charity program a success.

“When Corona started, many people were affected and lost their jobs. After going online, I realized that some people lacked food and I, therefore, thought of cooking for them.

I started with 15 plates but ended up serving 25 plates since there was a high demand.” she stated

The mother of 3 says that she has been linking up with fellow Kenyans and other Africans through social media groups where she informs them to pick the food from her home.

Apart from Kenyans, others who have been benefitting from her free food program include Nigerians and Ugandans as well as people from different races

Some of the delicacies she prepares include Ugali, Rice, and Chapati. Even though she had earlier planned to offer food for only one day, Wangeci says that she got encouraged to do more after seeing how much her support was beneficial.

On whether her move has been challenging, Wangeci says that having a heart willing to help is what kept her going.

Her advice to others is that those who can afford to help should never hesitate from doing so.