Kenyan Woman In Denmark Appeals For Help To Raise Ksh. 270 Million For Daughter’s Treatment



Kenyan woman Mary Kathure Mithika who is based in Bornholm Denmark has made a public appeal to wellwishers to help her raise money for her daughter’s treatment after she was diagnosed with a rare condition; spinal muscular atrophy.

In a video shared by Tuko, the mother of two revealed that her last born daughter Ayah was born as a healthy baby before developing complications that affected her mobility, head stability, and hand movement.

“Ayah was born a normal child she was a lovely baby. She continued growing normally like normal kids until she was 9 months…we started noticing a few changes, minor changes that if you are not keen you would not notice” she stated

A report by a physiotherapist would later see the couple consult a doctor for a further check-up and it was at this point that they got an unexpected diagnosis.

According to Mary, they had thought that it would be a minor issue and it was difficult and heartbreaking to learn that their daughter is suffering from a life threating illness.

With no intervition or efforts to treat the condition, the doctors alsp revealed that kids diagnosed with that particular condition rarely make it past 2 years, and despite this medical report, Mary says that she is not ready to give up on her daughter.

“There is hope, they told us if it was like 4 years ago, there was no kind of treatment at all but now, there are 3 types of treatments in the market and if kids get treatment early, they get a chance to live well and longer”

What their 1-year-old daugher requires is a gene therapy that costs 2.1 Million $ excluding other expenses that the couple admit they can not raise.

Speaking of her daughter’s current condition, Mary says that Ayah is stable but their concern is that the illness will get worse as she grows.

Mary who works as an accountant but is currently out of work says her husband has been working hard to take care of the family amid the COVID-19 times and amid this desperate situation she was forced to reach out to her fellow Kenyans for support.

Even though their daughter’s condition is clouded with so much uncertainty, the couple remain hopeful and have asked well wishers to support them by all possible means.

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