Kenyan Woman Faces Deportation After Faking Marriage With US National To Secure Permanent Residency


A Kenyan woman identified as Fidelina Mwelu Mutisya is facing deportation after she admitted to having faked a marriage in order to gain permanent residency in the US.

Mwelu who is based in Winchester in Ohio was arraigned in court and even pleaded guilty to the charges of fraudulent marriage where she is believed to have paid a US national so that he may act as her husband.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, November 17 by US Department of Justice, the 61-year-old paid the US national Ksh 100,000 before they proceeded with the wedding 13 years ago.

“Mutisya admitted that she participated in a conspiracy to enter into fraudulent marriages for the purpose of circumventing federal immigration laws in exchange for money,” the department stated.

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The court documents also indicate that Mwelu paid her spouse close to Ksh 10,0000 every month within the period between her wedding until her immigration process was concluded.

To cover up for this illegal action, the 61-year-old says that she demanded that her partner should not disclose the truth about the nature of their marriage when questioned by the investigative team.

“Today’s felony conviction may have consequences with respect to her immigration status,” the department added.

Mwelu’s case was first highlighted in 2019 alongside 2 other Kenyan immigrants who were facing similar charges.

A number of immigrants have been found on the wrong side of the law by using the marriage fraud way to escape the hectic legal process of acquiring a permanent residence means acquiring citizenship by naturalization.

Mwelu’s confession comes about a month after upcoming Kenyan singer Mercy Atis narrated how she was deported to Kenya after serving 5 years in prison.